How to Install WordPress on Local Computer in Urdu

how to install wordpress on localhost image

For installing WordPress CMS on localhost, it requires a web development environment. In order to make an environment, you will require some applications such as Apache server and database where you can install WordPress software. For this purpose, web developers usually use a software called XAMPP which is the combination …

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How to add Contact form to Your blog/website

Using a contact form, a site owner is able to communicate with his valuable visitors or readers. Without it, A blog/website doesn’t consider to be professional and responsible. if you want your site visitors to send you a favorable feedback then you will have to add a contact form to your website. …

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Royalty Free Images for your Blog

free images for website photo

In the post, I have come up with a solution to your big problem “where to find copyrights free images for your post or project”. On insisting of many viewers, I have made up my mind to make a post about how to find free images for website in the …

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Create a Fully Optimized Facebook Fan Page

how to make facebook page image

The contribution of social media websites in the evolution of Internet has played a very big role. People belong to different countries and cultures are expressing their feeling through these means of communication. They make friends and share what they want. A few years ago, it was impossible. Sometimes they …

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How to Get Adsense Approval in Pakistan

adsense approval in pakistan image

I mentioned it in my recent post that it is not a piece of cake to earn money online. It requires hard work and efforts. But it is true that many people are enjoying earning their income online. There are many ways which help you earn your living online. One …

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How to earn money online in Urdu?

image of earn money online in urdu

Because of unemployment, inflation and economic condition in Pakistan, People seem to ask the same question how to earn money online. In this post, I am going to discuss all that in the Urdu Language. I am going to add a video in Urdu as well which help you to …

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Google SEO Ranking Factors in 2017

google seo ranking factors 2017

Our today’s topic is google seo ranking factors in 2017. Are you looking to increase your website’s position in search ranking? Different factors like backlink profile, user experiences and on-page SEO still play a big role to achieve that. However, the introductions of the Rank-Brain, mobile search iniquitousness, and growth …

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