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Create a Fully Optimized Facebook Fan Page

The contribution of social media websites in the evolution of Internet has played a very big role. People belong to different countries and cultures are expressing their feeling through these means of communication. They make friends and share what they want. A few years ago, it was impossible. Sometimes they share images and the other time they share videos to cheer up their friends who haven’t met physically. But nowadays, social media websites are more than of these activities which I have mentioned above. Yes, I guessed, you got it. I am going to discuss how to make a Facebook Page in the Urdu Language. I have added a video below this post which will help you learn and understand much better.

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Why Do We Make a Facebook Page?

Before creating a page, you must know your purpose of having a page. Ask yourself why you need a Facebook Fan page. Do you want to sell your products, services or promote your website or blog? You must know your purpose. There are six Facebook page categories:

  1. Local Business or Place.
  2. Company, organization or Institution.
  3. Artist, Band or Public Figure.
  4. Brand or Product.
  5. Entertainment.
  6. Cause or Community.

You can select one of the mentioned categories. Choose one according to your business or blog.

The processes of creating a Facebook page.

For having a Facebook page, you must have a Facebook Account. I am not going to teach you how to make an account because I hope everybody is filmier with it. If you want to have a fully optimized page, you will have to start this process from keyword research.

1 – keywords research for your page

By using google keyword planner, you can search some related terms for your business or blog.

2- Give a name to your Page

Think an easy to remember, unique and search engine friendly name for your page tile. This name should relate to your business or blog topic. You can also use one or two keywords that you have searched.

3 – Description for your Facebook page

Through description, you tell your target audiences about your page. Your description should be attractive. You must add keywords that you have searched. It let your page to be indexed by google bot and in this way you will get some organic traffic from search engine.

4- Your Preferred audience

You must select right audience for your business or blog or You should know about your target market. You must know from which countries your audiences belong to. Select which market you are going to target. I mean what you are going to offer or buy.

5- Facebook ad (optional)

Just spending 5$ dollar, you can boost your page within few hours. It is an amazing feature on Facebook. Through Facebook ad, you can sell your product and service or promote your brand and blog etc. I will teach you how to make a Facebook Ad campaign in an upcoming post.

Facebook page is used to promote a business and blog or use to sell your product and service online. The main thing is creating your page is your target audience. If you want to progress with your page, you will have to choose right audiences who are interested in what you are offering. if you still aren’t satisfied, watch the video of how to make a Facebook page which is in the Urdu language.

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