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Royalty Free Images for your Blog

In the post, I have come up with a solution to your big problem “where to find copyrights free images for your post or project”. On insisting of many viewers, I have made up my mind to make a post about how to find free images for website in the Urdu and Hindi languages. I have also included a video tutorial at bottom of this post which helps you understand much better. There are many sources available on internet which provide you with the facility of using thousands of free images. You can use them without giving any credit or attribution to their original creator. I am going to explain you license and legal entities which you must follow to protect yourself from any trouble in future.

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What is CC0 License for Free Images?


CC0 stands for Creative Common 0 is a license for using free images. Through this license, you can use and modify the image for your prosomal and commercial project without giving any credit and attribution to the original author. There are different license and legal entities which an owner of digital product use to give accessibility to a user to use his or her production. The production can be totally free or paid. Warning! The other CC0 free image license is CC 2.0 which does not permit a user to use the image for commercial purpose. You can just use it personally. Yes, if you want to use this type of image for commercial propose, you will have to give a credit and attribution to its creator.

Where to Find Free Images for a Blog Post?


Most of the people use Google Images to add them to their project. It is not a good practice. All Google image is being not free to use that is way using these image you can put yourself into a trouble. You don’t need to make dirty your hands while free images are available across the internet. While searching on google, you can find free images for commercial use but it is a bit tricky. Go to google image and conduct a search for an image. Then you will find a button named “tool”. Click on this button. By clicking this button, you will find more options. Go to “usage right” and select “Labeled for reuse with modification”. Congratulation! You have done. Now you can use these image without the copyright issue. Don’t worry, I have explained everything in the video as well. Here is the collection of my favorite websites that give you royalty free image for your project.

List of Top 4 Websites Which Provide free Images for Website.

Here is the list of some websites that provide you with free height quality images. Check them one by one. Do read the license.

1- Unsplash.com
2- Pexels.com
3- Stocksnap.io
4- Pixabay.com

I have made sure that the above-mentioned website provides an absolutely free image with Creative Common 0 license. Enjoy using free images in your blog post and project.

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