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Google SEO Ranking Factors in 2017

google seo ranking factors in 2017Our today’s topic is google seo ranking factors in 2017. Are you looking to increase your website’s position in search ranking? Different factors like backlink profile, user experiences and on-page SEO still play a big role to achieve that. However, the introductions of the Rank-Brain, mobile search iniquitousness, and growth of the voice search add significant elements to the effective SEO strategies. So, what matters this year? For your guide, here’s a list of the essential SEO ranking factors for 2017:


Top 6 Google SEO Ranking Factors in 2017


1 – Meta Tags

Referring to the codes that describing the contents on the web page. However, meta tags cannot be seen on a web page. For SEO, some significant meta tags are:


  • Title tag

As far- as SEO is concerned, the title tag is your title page, but it does not really appear on a web page. Title tags appear on top of a browser or may appear in the search result, being the page title.

  • Meta description

The summary of a page is the meta description and generally, it is between 150 & 160 characters. This might appear at the search result under title tags. Without the indication of meta description, the search engine might pull the other text to display the search result. Including the meta descriptions, tag allows you to select what to present or display.


2 – Keyword Relevance & Intent

Sometimes, somebody will declare that the keywords are gone. Well, they are not. Through the keyword relevance, you mean if how important the keywords you’re targeting to the users. Are they matching the expectation and intention of a user who finds your website? When your site is not applicable to the intention and expectation of a user, then definitely they will just leave your site.


3- On-Page SEO

This refers to the rank factor presents on every page. One of the most essential is its own content. Your contents should focus and serve the purpose. Moreover, it should always be useful and beneficial to the users or something that the other sites wanted to link that will help in driving backlinks. Every time, aim for quality and authentic content. Other important factors of on-page SEO include:

  • Heading tags
  • On-page linking
  • Alt attribute
  • Media Optimization
  • Word count


4 – Mobile Friendliness

In determining the position of your website at search results today, Google places more significant on mobile sites than desktop sites. That’s to say google considers how mobile sites stack-up before they look at the desktop sites.


5 – Backlink Profiles

Which website is connecting to yours? It’s your backlink profiles. The robust backlink profiles improve the authority of your website and that is great for SEO. However, not all the backlinks are made equally. The rife with the spammy link from a questionable website may hold back your website. When creating a backlink to your site, be mindful enough. Seek backlink from trustworthy and authoritative websites.


6 – Site Speed

The speed of your site loads is the main ranking factors for Google. A sluggish or slow website takes the hit at the rank while the site with quick or fast loads can get the boost.

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