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How to Install WordPress on Local Computer in Urdu

For installing WordPress CMS on localhost, it requires a web development environment. In order to make an environment, you will require some applications such as Apache server and database where you can install WordPress software. For this purpose, web developers usually use a software called XAMPP which is the combination of PHP, MySQLi, Apache, FileZilla and many other applications. Actually, WordPress is CMS which run on the online web server but sometimes we require to install on localhost. Our computer can play a role in an online web server by installing XAMPP software on it. I will show you everything step by step how you can install WordPress on localhost. I have added a video in the Urdu/hind language for further understanding.

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Procedure to install WordPress on Localhost


First of all, you should download XAMPP softer, after downloading it. It is time to install it. You will find a sub-folder “htdocs” in XAMPP folder which is on your local drive C: “htdocs” is similar to the root folder of the real web server. I am going to give you the link to XAMPP softer below. Download it right now.

Download XAMPP Software


Recommendation: – install XAMPP software on drive D instead of C because if your window gets corrupted, you all work will be saved on Drive D.


Where to Download and Install WordPress Software?


I hope you have download XAMPP software on your local computer. The second step is to download and install WordPress software in “htdocs” folder in XAMPP. In order to do that, go to official WordPress website and download the latest version of it.

Visit to: www.wordpress.org

You will find the software in the ZIP file. extract it and then put it into “htdos” inside XAMPP. Now you are just a few steps far from installing WordPress on localhost. Before installing it, you require a database. Don’t worry because you have installed the combination of PHP, MSQLi etc. you don’t need to install another database in your localhost. Actually, for installing WordPress, you always need a database. Without the database, we cannot install it. You must rename the extracted folder. The name should be “WordPress” and your database name should be same. I know you are getting confused. Don’t be frustrated. I have explained each and everything practically in the video so that you can understand everything much better. Now, watch the below video which is in the Urdu/Hind language.

I hope you have finally installed WordPress on localhost. It is very easy for users who are familiar with WordPress. It will be a bit tricky for newbies. Now, you can practice WordPress on your own computer. You don’t need to a real web server to test your project. It is specially for newbies who don’t have access to real web server. If you have any further queries, feel free to ask questions via comment box. Thank you very much. I will come up with another useful topic. Take care, Goodbye for now.

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