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Payoneer Master Card in Paksitan (step by Step) in Urdu/Hindi

payoneer master card in pakistanPayoneer is an online Bank which was established in 2005. It is a New York based company. The main feature of this financial company is that it provides you with famous MasterCard to use. The MasterCard is almost Used anywhere in the world including Pakistan. Because its valued service, it has recently got fame from its users. Payoneer Debit Card can be used to receive payments from all freelance Companies and withdraw money by using local ATMs but Payoneer must be available in those banks. Fortunately, you can withdraw money from Pakistani Banks where Payoneer is accepted. Other famous online company such as AMAZON, DAILYMOTION pay web site owners via Payoneer Account.  You will get all information about Payoneer master card in Pakistan this post because I have added a video related this top in Urdu to this post as well. This video helps you understand better so keep reading.

Process of Payoneer Master Card in Pakistan


1- Ordering a Payoneer Master Card in Pakistan


Most of the people in Pakistan try to get fake Paypal Account. They will succeed to do that but it is not safe. Payoneer is one of the best alternatives because you can receive payments from most of the companies online. Getting Payoneer Debit Card is very simple. Go to Payoneer website and click on sign up. By clicking on the link, a form will display on your computer screen. Read and fill up the form very carefully. What it requires is your NIC. Give correctly all information about your NIC. Be careful when you write your address.  Write your address (House Number, Suit Number etc.) correctly and the main thing in your address is your Postal Code of your area’s (Post office) where your Payoneer Card arrived first. You can sign up directly by clicking on the below image.

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3- Payoneer MasterCard Activation


It takes 10 to 20 days to arrive card at your provided address. Now it turns to activate your Payoneer Debit Card. It will be done by clicking on activation link that is in your login area. Log in your account and click on activation link and generate a new PIN for your card. By doing the two steps, you will be able to use you Payoneer MasterCard.  Enjoy receiving and paying payment online, doing shopping, and withdrawing money.

Watch in Urdu/Hind Video of the entire process to understand more easily.

I hope you have enjoyed our today’s post about “Payoneer MasterCard in Pakistan”. Don’t worry if find it hard first. As you use it you will be familiar with it. Click on below image and get 25$ dollars. Don’t wait.

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